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To say that everyone wants to own a home in Sunnyvale is an understatement. Fondly known as the “the City of Destiny”, Sunnyvale combines the advantages of an attractive suburban residential setting, a diverse population, metropolitan cultural opportunities, and a dynamic economic base that includes technology, biotech, aerospace, communications, and manufacturing.

We have a rare new listing located right in the heart of the city. This sunnyvale home for sale has 4 bedrooms,  3 baths and has a whopping 2,032 sqft of living space and a lot size of 6,032sqft. It’s a rare opportunity, because not only is this sunnyvale home for sale a large two-story ranch-style home but it’s also located on a quiet street, ideal for biking and strolling, but only minutes from downtown Sunnyvale and many large Tech companies. It’s an all-in-one for most people looking for a home in Silicon Valley. Some features include a formal double door entry to a tiled entryway, an open concept kitchen/family room combo with sliding glass door access to the backyard; a living room with fireplace and separate dining area with sliding glass door access to the backyard; bonus room on the second floor off the third bedroom and a large backyard.

Eichler homes have grown in popularity exponentially and have become one of the most sought-after homes in the Bay Area. With a limited amount of eichler home for sale in California and only a handful on the East Coast, competition for these beautiful homes are high. Luckily, we are your local Eichler experts and have a steady stream of eichler home for sale to offer you. In case, you are new to the world of Eichlers, here you can learn all about the history of Eichler homes and also find out more about why we are the Eichler expert, and learn about the different Eichler neighborhoods.

We currently have a beautiful eichler home for sale on the market: a Carport Atrium Eichler with original aesthetic in the popular Fairbrae Neighborhood. The 4-bedroom, 2-bath home eichler home for sale is large with a whopping 7,344 square feet. Some highlights are the professionally landscaped tranquil zen-like backyard, you can look out onto the garden and the open air atrium from the breakfast bar, the second bathroom opens up to a quiet side yard and is right next to a planter garden with strawberries, a beautifully landscaped backyard with Ipe decking, newly planted sod, a Redwood gazebo with seating and wisteria as well a concrete seating area with shade sail covering and lastly an Eichler-style dog house.

If we had to sum up this eichler home for sale in a few words it would be serene, airy, modern, Japanese flair, and bright. The previous owners put a lot of attention to detail and love into this home! Below you can see a video tour of the home, followed by a virtual walk-through, and if you have further questions or would like to inquire about making this gem your new home, contact us below!

You’ve heard this term thrown around among friends, colleagues and realtors in your sphere, but what does it actually mean.

What is Curb Appeal?

Curb appeal is the first impression any potential buyer gets of your home. It’s the first thing they see when they walk by or come to an open house and it’s also one of the most viewed images in online listings. It’s a teaser telling of what else is to come. If the owners take care of what their home looks like, you can bet they take care of the inside, many buyers think.

Your home’s curb appeal includes the front yard, driveway, and the exterior all the way from the paint, the garden, mailbox, to the welcome mat, and the front door.  And since it’s a buyer’s first impression of your home, it can be absolutely essential in selling your home. This is also opinion of the renovation expert Bob Villa, who estimates that a buyer’s first impression could add up to 20% to your home’s value.

How do you get your home’s curb appeal listing-ready? Follow our 4 easy and cheap curb appeal ideas to help sell your home fast below.

Before You Start

Before you jump into this task, buy up a storm and hunt for your garden gloves, we suggest a practical approach before the action starts. First, start by knowing how much your home is worth. You can find that out for free with our home valuation tool. Second, you should decide what your budget is for this project.  This first decision can only help you determine where you should prioritize your attention.

We suggest taking a photo of the home’s exterior as if it were the photo you’ll used on your online listing. Look if anything negative catches your eye or if something positive stands out. Also use the photo as a before and after reference to see how big a difference this project will make.

Curb Appeal Tip 1: Paint Your Front Door

Photography: Dream Home Images

No one can resist a freshly painted door, better yet, no one can resist a freshly painted colorful door. It creates a welcoming impression, it brightens up the space and makes your home stands out from the rest.

When repainting, take the opportunity to try a lively color or add an accent color to your existing exterior scheme. Colors like orange, blue, yellow and green are a great hit and we discuss even more desirable colors in this article. Even though this article refers to Eichlers and Mid-Century Homes, the paint colors listed are are popular for front doors of all homes. We recommend trying the tried and true trick of patch testing before tackling the entire door.

Curb appeal tip cost: Paint for a project of this size should cost no more than $20.

Curb Appeal Tip 2: Let There Be Light

Photography: Nate Donovan

Your new curb appeal doesn’t stop at the end of the day. Brighten up your home (literally) by highlighting the pathways and plants with landscape lighting. Not only will make the space more attractive, you’ll also make it more safe. Try using solar landscape lighting, they will save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

Curb appeal tip cost: It shouldn’t cost you more than $50 – &100. You can find these 6 pack solar lights at Target.

Cur Appeal Tip 3: Plants

Photography: Dream Home Images

Plants and flowers are a guaranteed hit when sprucing up your curb appeal. It adds that extra “this home is loved” feeling.  In California, planting native drought-resistant plants adds an extra element of low maintenance for the prospective buyers. Local is always better, but you can pretty much plant whatever your heart fancies.

Curb appeal tip cost:  $100 to $200, depending on how much space you want to fill.

Curb Appeal Tip 4: A Healthy Lawn

Photography: Nate Donovan

According to Zillow, sellers who hire professionals to get their home ready for listing spend an average of $6,570, part of which includes lawn care and gardening. Sellers spend the most in San Jose, with an average of $7,755. We are of the opinion, it can be one of the least-expensive steps you can take to improve curb appeal. You only need some weed and feed treatment from your nearest garden shop and dust off your lawn mower.  You can also consider installing new sod, if you feel your lawn needs a little more than a pick-me-up or if it’s riddled with weeds.

The lawn is a big part of that first impression image people get from your home. It doesn’t have to be expensive but it does require a little bit of elbow grease, that definitely pays off in the end.

Curb appeal tip cost: : $15 for the grass seed, and $0.65 per square foot for the new sod.

Final Curb Appeal Thoughts

Perfecting your curb appeal can be as cheap and easy as 1,2,3…4. With a low budget and lots of love, you can completely transform the first impression your homes creates and have a little family side project at the same time. If you have any questions about this article, or you’re interested in more tips to improve your home’s value before selling, you can either reach out to us directly for a free, no obligations consult, or you can join our free Home Selling Seminar on August 23rd at 7:00pm (PST) where we’ll answer several of your burning questions about selling your home in today’s tough market. If you can’t make the seminar, we will send you the recording afterwards. You can sign up here.

Sunnyvale real estate is booming with home buyers trying to secure a little piece of paradise for their families to settle down in. Whether you’re at the start of your moving journey or it’s still an idea bouncing around, we have all the resources for you to make informed decisions about this new chapter in your life. If you’re planning on moving to Sunnyvale but are confused by which of the patchwork of small neighborhoods you should move to, take a look at our blog, Sunnyvale Real Estate: The 4 Most Popular Sunnyvale Neighborhoods, and if you’re planning on moving within or out of Sunnyvale we have you covered with our blog, 7 Secrets to Selling your Home for 15% more in Sunnyvale. If you already settled on the neighborhood, bought your new home and all that’s left is the endeavor of actually moving, it can be quite overwhelming to pack up your little world around you. Below you’ll find an extensive moving guide to ease the stress and hopefully leave some space to enjoy the big move.

Home Decluttering

Moving is the perfect time to time to declutter because you’re already in the process of going through your stuff. Decluttering when moving has many benefits. First, you’ll save money. The less you have to move, the less it will cost to move it. Second, your home will be easier to stage, if you are selling and planning to live in it while it’s on the market. Third, you’ll have less to unpack and sift through in your new home. And finally, your new home will be easier to organize and get settled in. 

If you’re looking for a methodology for the decluttering process (and a wonderful book in general), we highly recommend Marie Kondo’s book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. You can pick up a copy at the most adorable local bookstores, Bookasaurus (125 S Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale) or Leigh’s Favorite Books (121 S Murphy Ave, Sunnyvale).

Sunnyvale Donation Centers

Now that you’ve decluttered, you’re probably wondering what to do with all the stuff you no longer want or need? Donating is an invaluable way to give back to the community. Here are a couple of local donation centers in or near Sunnyvale.

Goodwill of Silicon Valley

151 E Washington Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

Goodwill of Silicon Valley Donation Center 

3510 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95051

(408) 736-8558

Sunnyvale Community Services

725 Kifer Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(408) 738-4321

American Cancer Society Discovery Shops

1659 Hollenbeck Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

(408) 737-7707

Hope Donation 

Sunnyvale Garbage and Dumping 

One of the major perks of living in Sunnyvale is its extensive and amazing recycling and garbage programs. They make it convenient and easy for residents to dispose of anything, literally. And as if we didn’t already love Sunnyvale enough, they even offer special speaker events on sustainability and workshops on composting and landscaping.  

Electronic Waste

Remember that electronic waste, aka e-waste, should be disposed of separately so it doesn’t end up in landfills. The most common e-waste comprises of home appliances such as air conditioners, televisions, fans, DVDs, heaters, electric cookers, radios, microwaves, etc. as well as personal e-waste such as laptops, computers, mobile phones, and batteries.

You will find that many local businesses host e-waste recycling events (we host a couple ourselves annually). However, if you need to get things off your hands quickly, the best bet is to take your electronic waste to the Goodwill of Silicon Valley or the Sunnyvale SMaRT Station Recycling Center (301 Carl Rd. Sunnyvale).

Shredding of Personal Documents

The City of Sunnyvale Recycling Program has periodic document shredding events to assist residents with destroying confidential or personal documents. This is a free service to residents of Sunnyvale and is done at their SMaRT Station Recycling Center (301 Carl Rd. Sunnyvale). Contact the Recycling Program for more information, at (408) 730-7262.

Also, check out their website to see when the Sunnyvale Document Shredding events dates are.

Hazardous Waste 

Hazardous waste must also be disposed of properly. These are things like motor oils, paints, batteries, electronics, pesticides, household chemicals, mercury thermometers and smoke detectors – that can contaminate our air, water, and soils. The City of Sunnyvale offers a quarterly Household Hazardous Waste Drop-off event for residents. Appointments are required, visit their website or call (408) 299-7300 for more information.

Extra Garbage

The City of Sunnyvale offers an on-call curbside collection of extra garbage to residents of single-family homes twice a year at no additional charge! What?! You can dispose of carpets, electronics, and other bulky nonhazardous items that don’t fit in garbage cans. Click here to schedule. 

Extra Dumping Weekends

Sunnyvale also offers Extra Dumping weekends, when all Sunnyvale residents may dispose of extra garbage, concrete, demolition and construction materials, tires, and other non-hazardous materials at the SMaRT Station Recycling Center (301 Carl Rd. Sunnyvale). These are held in the spring and fall, check here for dates. 

2022 Extra Dumping weekends are scheduled for: 

Saturday, Oct. 1 & Sunday, Oct. 2 

Saturday, Oct. 8 & Sunday, Oct. 9

Hauling Services

And for those things that can’t be donated or disposed of through the City of Sunnyvale, local haulers can dispose of them as needed.

Junk King San Jose

Charles N Charge Hauling & Delivery

Packing Guide

Personally, we love this Organized Moving Guide from the Container Store. It’s comprehensive and breaks the moving process broken down into a timeline, which helps those of us who lean towards procrastination!

Packing Supplies

We’re fans of using clear plastic storage bins for moving instead of cardboard boxes that might be thrown away after only one use, and collecting mold if left in a damp environment. These Jumbo Bins are perfect for towels, blankets, and clothes, and they also come in a variety of sizes. This similar Hefty Bin is available at the Sunnyvale Target. The clear exterior allows you to easily identify the contents in the chaos of moving and they are conveniently stackable. We use them in our own garage to organize kids’ toys, sports equipment, and holiday decor. 

The Container Store in Santana Row is our go-to, although the parking can be tricky depending on what time you go. There is another location in Palo Alto, near Stanford Shopping Center that is great as well, with plenty of parking. But if you’re looking for something in Sunnyvale, Target is your best bet. 

Our favorite local resource for packing supplies is JDM Packing. The locations are all individually owned and we’ve had great experiences at each. There used to be a location in Sunnyvale on Fremont Avenue, but sadly it recently closed. They have a variety of moving boxes, wraps, tape, and everything you can need to get all packed up and moved. 

Tip: Craigslist is also a great resource for gently used moving boxes, as well as Realtors. We frequently have a stockpile of boxes from other clients and colleagues.

The Container Store

3080 Stevens Creek Blvd Suite 1000, San Jose, CA 95128

(408) 248-3100


298 W McKinley Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94086

(408) 702-1012

JDM Packing: The Camden Store

Camden Ave & Kooser

5415 Camden Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

(408) 723-7400

JDM Packing: The Bascom Store

Located on: Bascom & Curtner Ave

2756 So. Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

(408) 559-6201

Moving Companies

There are a lot of moving companies out there, so I’d always recommend checking YELP to confirm continued customer satisfaction, but here are a couple of local moving companies that work in Sunnyvale and surrounding areas that we’ve previously recommended to clients. 

Everest Moving & Storage

Pure Movers

Lunardi Moving Services

For a more personalized moving experience, we highly recommend Cindy Hofen and her team from Managing Moves & More. They offer a lot of services, like decluttering, downsizing, packing, etc but we’ve most often used them for senior relocations. They are perfect for clients who need someone else to do the heavy lifting, organizing, and sorting. 

Moving Containers

Moving containers are quickly becoming the most popular, budget-friendly, and time-flexible way to move. There are a variety of companies that now provide this service, however, some only service a local area while others transport nationwide. PODS, 1-800-PACK-RAT, U Haul U Boxes are just a couple of options that provide nationwide service. 

We love that moving containers can be dropped off in your driveway, then later picked up when convenient for you, and either stored or transported to your new location. The only catch is you’re responsible for picking up the container yourself or hiring movers to pack it up for safe transport.

Personal Organizers

Once you’re into your new home, it’s time to get organized. And the methodical, well-planned organization is key to living a decluttered life. Clutter-free living is important for three reasons, it saves us time, money, and stress. People in cluttered homes often waste time looking for mundane items like keys, money, cell phone, and batteries. When a home is cluttered, people waste money buying what they already have or what they can’t find. Or clutter may result in bills being lost and late fees being accrued. Yet, the most insidious toll that clutter takes is that it adds stress to your life. 

Hiring a professional home organizer is a great way to ensure your new home is organized effectively and properly for the way you live. Here are a couple of local personal organizers who can help.

Organize to Design, Heather Jackson

Paula Berman Organizing 

Let Me Organize It

Tip: You can use an app called TaskRabbit to hire local individuals at an hourly rate to help get you organized, some of them may even have previous experience with home organizers. We recommend reading their bios carefully and selecting the person who would be the best fit. There are a lot of “taskers” (that’s what they call themselves) who also specialize in furniture assembly and TV mounting. It’s a nice way to help individuals in the community with small tasks.

Happy moving!

Written by PotlucK Productions

A beautiful 1962 Eichler has undergone extensive home improvements to fit the near-zero carbon emission life of its homeowners, Geoff and Bev Ainscow.

Meet the Ainscows

In 1968 Geoff and his wife, Bev, sailed from their birthplace in Manchester, England to the San Francisco Bay Area to become embroiled in the technological and social new age revolution taking place in California.  They set up their home in Sunnyvale and raised two children.  Geoff’s life travelled on two tracks, one a daytime engineering and management career at Hewlett Packard in Silicon Valley, the other studying the human maturation process and the condition of life on planet Earth. Both richly combined into a life of activism and teaching to spread the knowledge of a living Earth and what humans must do to bring about a sustainable, just, and meaningful life. Explosive change best describes Geoff’s life, from being born into WWII, to a life of free-thinking in California. Geoff and a team designed, produced, and published the Deep Time Walk, an app describing the history of Earth. He has been an active member of the Elders Action Network since its beginning in 2016.

The Sustainable Project: How To Be A Good Ancestor

Geoff and Bev filmed the Good Ancestor video of their Sunnyvale Eichler, just 4 weeks before Bev tragically died in 2021. The aim was to inspire viewers to think and act like Good Ancestors. Geoff and Bev have been curious seekers with a desire to be conscious global citizens for a lifetime in large part by constantly finding ways to improve their home to be more environmentally sustainable. Wanting to share what they’re doing and hopefully inspire others, they partnered with Potluck Productions to share how they’ve achieved their sustainable life.

The humorous video follows Geoff and Bev with a tour through their home, touching on several topics:

Good Ancestor Video Team: PotlucK Productions

Dan Damman and Chris Thomas, as Potluck Productions, have been producing branded content, documentaries, comedy sketches, and other films from the heart, like “Good Ancestor” since 2004 for clients like Mother Jones, Senator Barbara Boxer, She the People, Democracy for America, DailyKos, and Netroots Nation. Other clients include Levi Strauss & Co., the Red Tab Foundation, Tides Foundation,, Dockers, and many more.  They are in development on an amazing feature film project encouraging self-awareness, a dramedy called “The Yogi Trademark” that explores our culture’s competitive nature through competitive yoga.

When it comes to selling your home in Sunnyvale, or any home, in fact, it’s really important to tune into the mindset of a buyer who’s looking to move into the area. Keep in mind that your potential buyers could either be the couple from a nearby town or a family coming from halfway across the country. In either case, you’re going to want to highlight the aspects of your home that truly give it that Sunnyvale feel so that it’s a comfortable transition for your potential buyers. With over 20 years of real estate experience in the Sunnyvale/Silicon Valley area and watching it blossom into the city, it is today, we’ve figured out what the key is to sell your home for the most money in today’s market. Note that it’s a combination of these things that’ll allow you to sell your home for above your asking price. So aside from hiring the right real estate agent that knows how to get top dollar for your home, here are some of our secret tips to selling your home for 15% more in Sunnyvale, California.

1. Make your home smart

If you’re planning to sell a home that’s located in the midst of the world’s largest tech companies, you better make sure that it comes with some smart appliances. Chances are that the buyers looking into homes located in the Silicon Valley are either future or former employees of a tech company, so think of how much more value you can add to your home by tuning into your audience’s needs. According to a study done by Coldwell Banker, 64% of agents are noticing that buyers are asking more frequently about connected features than they were two to five years ago. Although the tipping point isn’t quite there yet where smart features will help a home sell more quickly, agents predict that these tech investments will soon pay off.  What better place to start that tipping point than the place where technology was pretty much founded?

2. Tune in to the “Prius Effect”

Have you ever noticed how many people own a Prius these days? You’ll probably see a handful each time you hit the road. Although owning a hybrid car has many perks in terms of mileage and carbon footprint, a big reason why people choose to drive a Prius is due to their desire to show off their green bona fides. This ideology of being prideful for making the world more green is known as the “Prius Effect”, and it has made its way into the world of real estate. On top of pragmatic reasons like lower utility bills, green homes are more valuable because it’s a type of status symbol for homeowners. Green certified homes sell for 9% more than regular homes in California and their premium is highest in the hottest and most eco-minded areas. Single-family homes with green certifications sold for an average of $34,800 more than comparable homes from 2007 to 2012 when the average California home was priced at $400,000, according to the University of California research. Anyone who has visited the Bay Area can tell you that we are the leaders when it comes to living a green lifestyle. Heck, we have to bring our own recycled bags every time we go grocery shopping! If there’s any place worth investing in a green home, it’d be the Bay Area.

3. Upgrade your kitchen

If had to make one renovation that’ll appeal to home buyers, we’d recommend upgrading your kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of any home, so it’s worth it to spend some money on upgrades if necessary. About 69% of homeowners said they were willing to spend more money for new kitchen appliances, and this usually amounts to 1.5x more than what your investment will be. Add in some granite countertops and hardwood floors and you’re looking at a significant increase in your home’s value. In Sunnyvale, food really is where the heart is so highlight that in your home. Additionally, during the Covid19 pandemic, there’s been a large influx of people cooking all their meals at home, instead of ordering in or dining out.

4. Price it right the first time


Make sure that your home is priced right to sell from the get-go because your listing will attract the most attention from qualified buyers the first day it goes live on the market. Statistics show that the most favorable time to generate a sale on your Sunnyvale home is between three to seven weeks after the home is listed on the MLS (Multiple Listing System). Time on the market can significantly impact the sale of your home so it’s important that your listing doesn’t become stale or stagnate on the market for months. If this is the case, buyers will assume there’s something wrong with your home and will most likely ask for a discount. Avoid the discounts, price it right, and increase your chances of having multiple interested buyers.

5. Don’t save repairs until the last minute

Repairs left undone will cost you more money than the repair itself, so it’s better to get it done before you sell your home. Once a needed repair becomes evident to a buyer, they’ll start to wonder if the home was really maintained properly and probe around to find hidden repairs that are not visible to the naked eye. This will lead to them asking for reductions in your asking price which will end up costing you more in the end. Buyers love to negotiate the home sales price after the home inspection, so don’t give buyers a reason to want a discount. It’s also important to not try and hide a defect because you think that keeping it to yourself will help you sell your home for more money. Buyers can sue you for not disclosing a home’s structural issue, so be honest and avoid getting slapped with a lawsuit.

6. De-clutter & Depersonalize

In real estate, space is money so the more room you make in the home, the higher it’ll sell for. Make sure to clean out all areas of your home before open house time comes around because buyers will spend that time analyzing how much space they have in the home to fit all their belongings. They’ll look through your closets, cabinets, and even storage spaces (garage, attic, basement, etc.) so double check to make sure everything’s been cleared out. A big chunk of money can be lost for not putting in a little extra leg work. Also, keep in mind that what you love may not be what a prospective buyer loves. For example, you may think that your mounted hunting treasures gives your home more curb appeal when in reality buyers find it to be a distasteful distraction. When it comes to selling your home, it’s better to play it safe by neutralizing it and removing personal belongings so that it’ll appeal to a larger pool of buyers.

7. Bring the outside in

View of living area

Whether you need to install some well-placed skylights or invest in a renovation that’ll give your home more floor-to-ceiling windows, it’s important to give your home as much natural light as possible. As you may have already guessed, it’s usually sunny here in Sunnyvale and the people have grown accustomed to a certain type of lifestyle. Sun is a necessity and the more it’s accessible at home, the more appealing it is to buyers. We’ve sold hundreds of Eichler homes above the asking price in the Sunnyvale area all because the design concept was based on bringing the outside in. Just remember two key components that’ll allow you to achieve this Eichler philosophy: Natural lighting & Visuals of the outside world. For more information on Eichler homes, click here.

10 Best Modern Wall Clocks Under $150 – Atria Real Estate

This month we’ve put together a list of our favorite modern wall clocks — perfect for any MCM, contemporary, minimalist, or Eichler home. The best part, they are all under $150, because you don’t have to spend a fortune on great design.

1. Midcentury Style Star Clock, Wood, and Silver

2. Snajdare Birch Wall Clock

3. Geometric Wall Clock
shop small business – colors can be customized

4. Maxi Colorful Star Clock

5. Concordia round Colorful Ball Clock

6. LeisureMod Metal Pink Star

7. Natural Ribbonwood Clock
also comes in steel and copper

8. Spoke Wall Clock

9. Mr. Clarke Grey Wall Clock

10. Hollywood Urchin

Sunnyvale real estate is booming with home buyers trying to secure a little piece of paradise in a Sunnyvale neighborhood for their family to settle down in. Unfortunately, this popular area is made up of a patchwork of small neighborhoods that are not easily or formally defined. This causes a lot of anxiety for those looking to buy. Below is a guide of the most notable Sunnyvale neighborhoods and what each of them has to offer for a home buyer.

To be able to navigate the many Sunnyvale neighborhoods, we’ve divided the town according to its 4 zip codes:  

There are many smaller pockets of homes and groupings of streets within these zip codes. It’s important to differentiate between these micro-neighborhoods when looking at where you want to live or buy a home. 

94087 – Serra Park & Belleville

Primarily a residential pocket of homes, Serra Park and Belleville are south of Fremont Avenue and west of Hollenbeck Avenue, which extends to the other side of highway 85. Homes within this boundary are some of the most expensive Sunnyvale neighborhoods, and also the most in-demand. This is largely due to the excellent K-12 schools: West Valley Elementary, Cupertino Middle and Homestead High. All of these schools are conveniently within walking distance to most homes in this Sunnyvale neighborhood. 

Please note that the elementary and middle schools are actually within the Cupertino school district but still in a Sunnyvale neighborhood. 

Another nice benefit of this neighborhood is Serra Park, which features a playground, spacious grassy field and tennis courts.

94087 – Cherry Chase & Cumberland

Just north of Fremont Avenue and up to El Camino Real is the Cherry Chase and Cumberland neighborhood. It is also commonly known as “Cumberland South”. This is a very popular residential area in Sunnyvale real estate, offering some townhomes but mostly single-family homes. The schools are highly rated and include Cherry Chase, Cumberland Elementary, Sunnyvale Middle and Homestead High. De Anza Park and Mango Park are wonderful local parks in this area. The parks are also close to Cherry Chase Elementary and Cumberland Elementary, as well as several well-known Eichler neighborhoods.

94087 – Birdland / Raynor Park

This Sunnyvale neighborhood is known for its bird-named streets, like Quail Avenue, Swallow Drive and Oriole Way. The Birdland neighborhood surrounds Raynor Park, between Dunford Way and Homestead Road to the south. Its proximity to the Apple campus makes it ideal for employees seeking short commutes. Raynor Park is one of the most desirable neighborhoods for buyers seeking “tear downs”. These are popular for a renovation or construction project, due to the large lot sizes and small existing original homes. The largest community-based urban farm in Silicon Valley is also here, Full Circle Farms. It has 11 acres of land just south of the Bryan Osborne Nature Center and Peterson Middle School. The schools here fall within the Santa Clara School District – Laurelwood Elementary, Peterson Middle and Wilcox High School.

94087 – Heritage District

The Heritage District is bordered by Homestead Road to the south, El Camino Real to the north, Hollenbeck Ave to the west and S. Wolfe Road to the east. Fremont High School is located here, as well as many city resources like the Sunnyvale Community Center, Sunnyvale Theater and Sunnyvale Heritage Park Museum. Most of the homes are surrounded either by Ortega Park, Panama Park, or Heritage Park, making it a desirable location for quick access to sports and leisure activities. Other nearby conveniences include a 24-Fitness on Fremont Avenue and a remodeled Safeway and Starbucks in the Homestead Square Shopping Center on Homestead Road. Also close by is Las Palmas Park which is a popular Polynesian-themed 24-acre recreation area with a play area, tennis courts and off-leash dog area.

94086 – Washington Park

Washington Park is sandwiched between Central Expressway and El Camino Real (82). While most homes in the 94086 zip code belong to Fremont High, this small section of homes is actually within the Homestead High boundary. This makes them highly desirable for families with school-age children. In addition to single-family homes, there are a fair number of apartments and townhomes in this Sunnyvale neighborhood, as well as a couple of mobile home parks. Washington Park has basketball courts, a play structure, horseshoe pits, a swimming pool and tennis courts. Across the street is the Stratford School Sunnyvale campus, which is a popular pre-K through 5th-grade private school. There is also a small pocket of homes within the highly desirable Cumberland Elementary School attendance boundary.

94086 – Ponderosa, Braly & Gavello Glen

The majority of the 94086 zip code falls within either the Fremont High School or Wilcox High School boundaries. Most of Ponderosa, Braly and Gavello Glen is a mix of residential and commercial use, including many business complexes. The Heritage District is the most notable area within this neighborhood, as it contains some of Sunnyvale’s oldest homes and many historical sites. This area is popular with many professionals due to the walkability to good restaurants, shops and the Sunnyvale Caltrain station. Murphy Street is where all the action is, weekly Farmer’s Market and now burgeoning commercial center with a Target, Wholefoods and other businesses. 


The 94085 zip code is bound by 101 to the north and Central Expressway to the south. It features two main parks, Fair Oaks Park and Columbia Park. It also has the Sunnyvale Golf Course, where you can easily book a tee time or plan a tournament. For those looking for private school options, King’s Academy, located adjacent to Fair Oaks Park is a popular private 6-12 college prep school. Just on the other side of Highway 101 are many large local employers, such as Google, Juniper Networks, NetApp, NASA Ames Research Center and of course Lockheed Martin, just to name a few.


The 94089 zip code on North of Highway 101 including Lakewood Village, multiple mobile home parks, newer townhomes and condo developments are located near Fair Oaks and Tasman. Lakewood Village is a pocket of homes with lake names, like Lakeknoll, Silverlake and Lakechime that surround Lakewood Park. This Sunnyvale neighborhood features some of the most affordable single-family homes in the area and has seen significant appreciation over the last several years. Most of the portion of Sunnyvale north of Highway 237 is zoned for industrial use. However, the proximity to Mission College, Levi Stadium and the many businesses located near Great American Parkway can make this a convenient location for many.

This can all seem daunting at first, but with this guide in hand and our 4 Step Buyer Experience, you’ll be several steps closer to buying your dream property in one of the Sunnyvale neighborhoods. For more information and a no-obligation, 100% pressure-free initial consultation, reach out at for guidance from our experts in Sunnyvale real estate. 

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